Jet Boat Crew Member

Incumbent is under the direct supervision of the Jet Boat Captain, who assigns the work and reviews job performance. Klamath Jet Boat Tours operates seasonally from approximately May 1 through October 15. 

  • Chevron down Duties and Responsibilities
    • Clean and prepare boats prior to tour
    • Clean and service boat between tours (i.e. fuel, check oil, clean windows, and perform a safety check.)
    • Keep docks, ramp, walkway, and customer waiting area clean.
    • Maintain a safe and orderly work area.
    • Assist in loading customers.
    • Mow grass, weed, and plant and prune bushes, otherwise maintain the surrounding area around the Jet Boat facility.
    • Wash exterior glass window and glass doors
    • Wash decking around building and maintain and periodically wash exterior of the building
    • Maintain and clean the parking lot.
    • Utilize proper equipment and tools for job in a safe manner, i.e. lawnmower, weed whacker, and power washer.
    • Possible narration of the jet boat tours
  • Chevron down Minimum Qualifications
    • Ability to properly use and maintain the equipment and tools needed for the position.
    • Knowledge of necessary precautions when dealing with cleaning chemicals and supplies.
    • Must have a valid driver’s license and be insurable under the Yurok Tribe’s vehicle insurance policy.
    • Be mechanically inclined.

Klamath Jet Boats Reservationists

Under the direction of the Yurok Economic Development Corporation. Sales associate is responsible for selling River tours, taking and recording reservations for future river tours and selling retail merchandise.

  • Chevron down Duties and Responsibilities
    • Maintains courteous, tactful relationship with customers
    • Performs other tasks and duties assigned by the Jet Boat Manager
    • Take initiative to keep the store organized including stockroom, and office area.
    • Take reservations over the phone, through the web site reservation system, and reservations made at the counter.
    • Inform customers of the surrounding area for referrals to local hotels, attractions, restaurants, campgrounds, hiking trials etc.
    • Issue tickets and gift certificates
    • Provide service to customers in a fast, friendly manner.
    • Take tickets and assist in loading boats.
    • Open gate when tour returns
    • Make coffee, stock shelves, clean and prep gift store
    • Clean bathrooms and gift shop
    • Water lawns and light weeding
    • Dress Code adhered to Jet Boat Shirt (provided)
    • Any job duties given to by supervisor
    • Sell Retail merchandise
  • Chevron down Minimum Qualifications
    • Excellent interpersonal skills in relating to customers and staff, maintain a good attitude and sense of humour.
    • Computer skills, cash register knowledge, and cash handling experience

Please email applications to [email protected] or drop off applications at 144 Klamath BLVD. Klamath, Ca. 95548.